General Firearms Policy

Customers may bring their firearm into a Bass Pro Shops or Cabela's Retail Store for many reasons (i.e. gun appraisal, mounting a scope, bore sighting or fitting the firearm for a specific accessory such as holsters, straps, magazines, scopes, etc.). Customers entering the store with a firearm will have the firearm thoroughly inspected by one of our Outfitters at the entrance of the store for the safety of our customers and outfitters.
NOTE: This policy does not apply to licensed concealed carry firearms or to holstered firearms where open carry is permitted.

Concealed/Open Carry Policies

  • If you have a valid concealed carry permit within the state where the store is located, we honor your right to carry if it is completely concealed.
  • Open carry of a handgun is allowed as long as the firearm remains holstered, except where prohibited by state or local law.
  • All local, state, and federal law enforcement officials and authorized persons are permitted to carry weapons openly in the store.