Recently there has been an increase in fake advertisements on various social media platforms utilizing the Bass Pro and Cabela’s brand to commit fraud against consumers.  These postings all generally fall into one of two categories below:

  • Ads or posts stating that Cabela’s or Bass Pro have “lost their ability to sell” a certain brand name of the product (recent posts have Ravin Crossbows, Vortex Optics, or Leupold Scopes)
  • Ads with “50th Anniversary” sale with the dates of 1974-2024 advertising “Everything at 90% Off"
These ads are not legitimate, and you should NOT interact with these posts or click any links presented within.  In addition, Bass Pro and Cabela’s will not honor any price match requests from these fake ads.  If you have placed an order from one of these suspected fake ads or postings, we encourage you to contact your card issuer immediately to report the fraud and have your card replaced.
The only social media sites that our brands operate are below with links to our official pages.  If you suspect an ad is fake or suspicious and it isn’t from one of our official pages, we encourage you to report the posting on the platform by clicking the 3 dots next to the post (…) and selecting “Report Ad” or “Report Post”.  You may also report the ad to us by using our chat function or email.  If you choose to report the ad to us, it is critical that you provide the account that is serving the ad, the URL that leads to the posting, or the profile name or number.  You may reach us by live chat, email, or phone by following one of the links under “Contact Bass Pro” or “Contact Cabela’s” on our OFFICIAL websites. 
Bass Pro and Cabela’s Social Media teams work diligently to submit takedowns on platforms in which our brands, intellectual property and/or trademarks are being used to perpetuate fraud.