The minimum balance to redeem Outdoor Reward points is $10.00 (500 points). Provided you have the minimum balance available to redeem, you may use your Outdoor Rewards points for purchases through Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s.

Online Orders

The quickest and easiest way to check your Rewards Points balance is to log into your online shopping account on either website. Once signed in you can check your Rewards point balance and apply points to your order.

If you have not already created an online shopping account, click HERE for more information.

NOTE: It will take up to 24 hours after creating a new account for your Rewards Points balance to be viewable online. If it has been over 24 hours, and your points are still not showing, please contact our customer service for further assistance. You may also check your Rewards Points balance via email or live chat by providing your Outdoor Rewards number.

Let the Outfitter taking your order know you wish to redeem your Outdoor Rewards points on the order.

Retail Purchases

Let the cashier know you wish to redeem your Outdoor Rewards points when checking out.