We understand sometimes you can forget to apply your Outdoor Rewards points to a purchase, and we will do our best to help you make sure you earn the points for your purchase.

Contact our customer service department with the appropriate information about your purchase and your Outdoor Rewards number. We will attempt to locate the record of the purchase and add any eligible Outdoor Rewards points to your account.

Online and Phone Purchases

Please provide the following information if available to help us locate your purchase:

  • Order Number
  • Customer Number
  • Name on the Order
  • Billing Address
  • Order Date

Retail Purchases

Please provide us with your complete name and address along with the following information from your store receipt:

  • Store #
  • Till #
  • Trans #
  • Date of purchase

If you have multiple receipts that you need to have added, you may include all of the information in one email (It is not necessary to send a separate email for each receipt).

We will request that you mail or fax a copy of the receipt if the purchase is not recognized by our system, or if more than 2000 points were earned. Please make a copy of the receipt and send it to:

Bass Pro Shops Base Camp
Attn: Customer Service
2500 E Kearney
Springfield, MO 65898
Fax: 417-873-5060